Dancing Cedar Woodwork


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John has been a woodworker and carpenter for over 25 years, specializing in fine woodworking and Ceremonial instruments for over 20 years.  All his furniture and instruments are made with care from the most eco-friendly natural materials available.   John specializes in Southwestern style functional art -- mainly furniture including lamps, benches, tables and bedroom sets. He enjoys combining turquoise and specialty woods like black walnut and cedar.   The drums John makes are created especially for use in the Sweat Lodge.  They are double sided to stand up to the elements of the Lodge without losing their tone.  John has been making and playing Didgeridoo for over 20 years, and sees the Didgeridoo as a potent tool for vibrational healing and Spiritual evolution.   Cedar feather boxes and other specialty boxes are made especially to store Sacreds or Ceremonial items.  Prayers and positive energy go into every unique instrument and box that John creates.
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