Small Stepping to Success

We love the creative process! That is at the core of why many people make things, invent things, paint, sculpt, code, draw, write.  There are as many outlets of creative expression as there are people.  But what happens to many creatives when it is time to engage the business world?  Many stop in their tracks thinking there is some magic formula to success and it isn’t art. Or is it?

I have been through phases of  thinking that  if I could just learn what it is those business people do, I could mimic their approach.  So I read things like, “7 habits of highly successful people”, I listened to Tony Robbins, I set goals and made lists.  I did my best to think it out and be practical. I even took a few workshops and went to Business Planning classes.  All these things did help me learn about business, but it failed to ignite any passion in the business process.  I never started at A and, in a straight line, ended at B.  And, rarely did my final outcome end at B! Mostly I just couldn’t maintain an interest as this approach didn’t rock my world.

What if it could be fun?  What if there is another way that engages creative process and turns growing a business into a magnificent journey of discovery?  Yes, there is always skill to learn, and there are practical money matters. But what if I could approach those things with curiosity? Perhaps, I could learn those things while engaged in the journey dance.

I suggest we adopt an approach to consistent, constant SMALL STEPS. Did I just hear you exhale in relief?

Choosing a less stressful, small step approach  may go against today’s everything bigger, everything faster, everything stressful approach to life.  Yet, it has proven to yield great results over time.

How does a small step approach make business more like art?  It leaves room for a meandering unfolding of your business.  Each step fulfills its purpose and leads to the next step in an organic unfolding.  Maybe the next step requires that I learn something new like how to use a computer or take photos, or maintain my bookkeeping.  Now that I know why I need it, learning something new is now inspired by personal motivation and curiosity.

Today I am taking a small step.  I have never made a blog post. This is my small step.

What is yours?

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