International Folk Art Market

Tonight, the Folk Art Museum courtyard is a quiet, contemplative setting infused with the golden glow of a Santa Fe sunset. Evening shadows stretch long across an empty courtyard dancing with the intermittent sculpture. The plaza, in it’s emptiness, is alive with possibility. Very soon, July 14 – 16 , this quiet space will awaken with global activity. The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market will be underway filling every corner with artisans from around the world. An expected community of 20,000 supporters will brave hot weather, lines of traffic, and the crowds to attend.

160 artists, entrepreneurs from 53 countries, will converge in this lovely, high desert, hilltop setting to share both their culture and their art. It is a unique opportunity to experience our diverse global family united around the common theme of art. Artists will fill this space with life.

This convergence of global artists and supporters shines as a bright light of global cooperation. It is a welcomed, sharp contrast to the division that we can experience around the world. It is a successful, positive and empowering event.

The International Folk Art Market opens the door for international individual artists, family enterprises and village cooperatives to share their unique experience with the world and to improve their economic situation by keeping 90% of sales.

For a brief three days borders dissolve, bridges will be built and cultures shared. The market never disappoints. Colorful, artistic, eclectic, and engaging: It is a treat to converge an abundance of creativity from around the globe here, on this scenic museam hilltop, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a must experience event.

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