What is Art of Santa Fe?

We Are In This Together

We are an online platform for artists and creative entrepreneurs. Rooted in the intention of win/win philosphy, we intend to support creative people in the sharing and selling of their products. Artists/Entrepreneurs can live outside of Santa Fe.

Expanding our vision, we will be working with New Mexico Non-profit Organizations in fund-raising. In the light of win/win, Nonprofit agencies can collaborated with Artists and Creatives (more about this in the very near future).  Together, we will support entrepreneurial people and assist non-profit organizations to better serve our communities.

Towards New Horizons

  1. Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs are invited to share and sell what they produce. If you make it, design it, write it, create it. you can sell it.
  2. New Mexico non-profit organizatons will be selected to participate based on their legitimacy, their ability to add to our collective family by particiapation in local events and their fundraising needs.
  3. We will explore making a global contribution beginning with one international service organization.
  4. We encourage win/win collaboraton that contributes to our economic growth as well as providing needed service to our communities.
  5. We support artists from elsewhere, we are thinking global and acting local.

Art of Santa Fe is expressed in our life-style, our tri-culture, our architecture. It comes alive in art, in music, in food, and in the unique individuals who live here.

ArtofSantaFe.com is locally owned and operated by:
Santa Fe Sages Market, llc

We live and work in Santa Fe!

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